Base Building Services

ReShaping can often mean getting back to basics. Topic is well equipped to assist you with Base Building and Make Good projects.

When a tenant vacates a premises it needs to be taken back to its original ‘base building’ state prior to the incoming tenant taking possession. It is important to get this early stage, base build correct to ensure the best possible office fitouts Melbourne or Sydney.

Base Building work often involves means dealing directly with the Property Managers or owners. They have a vested interest in ensuring the property retains its intrinsic value. Over the years, Topic has successfully managed this part of the ReShaping process with many different commercial fitouts & refurbishment projects. Completion of a successful base building project adds real value to the property and attracts tenants.

There are a lot of trades involved during base building works. This requires a large amount of sourcing and co-ordination. As Topic has managed many base building projects, we have built up an extensive network of tradespeople to draw upon. This includes the important areas of Electrical, Mechanical, Air Conditioning, Hydraulics and Fire Services.

Make goods or “lessor works” constitute a legal obligation on the lessor ensuring the property is returned in a state consistent with when the lease commenced. Dealing with these complexities can sometimes be daunting but the Topic team have enough experience to ensure the job is completed to everyone’s satisfaction to ensure quality office fitouts Melbourne.

Topic has undertaken a number of base building and make good projects that have been for the whole building or for single floors. Regardless of size, there is often a strategic element to this part of the ReShaping exercise and we understand the importance of working with our clients to ensure the space is ready for the next tenant to enjoy.