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Our tried and tested processes ensure a smooth and uncomplicated refurbishment.

The refurbishment of any space is an exciting ReShaping exercise. TOPIC has the construction industry experience and the expertise to ensure end results meet expectations. We have an extensive portfolio of refurbishment work of varying sizes, environments and complexity. Every job has its own individuality that has to be taken into consideration.

It is important the finished product is consistent with the ethos and standards you want to portray. TOPIC will make certain this is the case while delivering your ReShaped space on time and within budget. There are many aspects to a refurbishment from the initial design or concept stage, through sourcing, implementation and final integration.

TOPIC can manage all aspects – design, tender administration, project scheduling and supervision, risk management, procurement and client representation. Whether we use our own workforce or engage someone from our reliable team of contractors, you’ll be satisfied with the professionalism that we provide. We adopt a fully transparent and collaborative approach throughout the project.

We are enthusiastic about every project and our inclusive approach means your excitement builds as results unfold. Our tried and tested processes ensure a smooth and uncomplicated refurbishment. Whether it be a workspace, live or recreational environment that is being ReShaped, TOPIC Interiors is equipped to manage and deliver invigorated and effective outcomes.