The current pandemic has posed many challenges for us all, but shaping and ReShaping is part of TOPIC Interior’s DNA. Whilst respecting the current Government guidelines, our office remains open for business remotely as we ReImagine what lies ahead…

ReShaping is more than simply remodelling a particular space, building or environment. Shape comes in many forms and exploring shape is what we love. Shape drives us. At Topic Interiors when we talk about ReShaping the first thing we do is ask our clients lots of questions. Because ReShaping can change far more than just their current environment. Shaping and ReShaping comes in the form of an office fitout, office refurbishment or event a commercial refurbishment. The opportunities are endless.

We want to know everything there is to know about how a client works. How they want to feel working in their ideal space. What they like and what they don’t and most importantly the outcomes of the reshaped office fitout or office refurbishment solution they are hoping for.

Why? Because the ReShaping process is one of exploration and inspiration. It can cause you to rethink and re-evaluate everything you do. Because Reshaping environments and spaces is more than simply moving a few walls, changing a few hard finishes and a fresh coat of paint. ReShaping, re-thinking and re-working is about everything you do and how you function day to day. Think about how an office fitout or office refurbishment could change your space today. It’s like a fresh start.