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About Us

We love the challenge of transforming the tired and dull into inspired spaces alive with energy.

A new ReShaped office fitout can ReIgnite and ReEnergise, ReInvigorate passion and cause you to ReImagine possibilities. Equally a ReShaped environment can take what was a tense, uncomfortable foreboding space and make it a calm and harmonious environment that’s a pleasure to work in.

At TOPIC Interiors our office fitout ReShaping process is a holistic approach that’s all about understanding our clients’ requirements. Then providing an enhanced productive and exciting solution that ReShapes the way they work, and the environment they work within.

At TOPIC Interiors our ReShaping philosophy has been developed to realise the potential and enhance the success of any space or business environment. Shaping and ReShaping together with form and structure are the cornerstones of architecture itself and continually drive us to find new exciting solutions for our clients.

From Offices to Commercial spaces, we work closely with our clients to ReShape and create dynamic spaces that maximise the performance of their employees and their business. We take pride in offering quality office fitouts nationwide.

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We’re founded on creativity, reliability & accountability

Founded in 2010, TOPIC Interiors is renowned for providing exceptional creativity, accountability and reliability for those who demand the finest in Office and Commercial fitouts nationwide. Obviously, every project is different, but one thing that never changes is our enthusiasm and dedication to high quality results. It is this commitment that draws many clients to return time and time again.

The foundation of our success is our ability to consistently meet client expectations. We know the only way to achieve this is by collaborating with our clients. Working closely together, we can grasp their exact needs, challenges and goals. This hands-on approach gives our clients confidence that we are on the right path to an extraordinary result.

Mitsubishi Electric - Topic Interiors Commercial Office Fitouts
Our Clients - Rider Levett Bucknall - Topic Interiors Commercial Office Fitouts
Our Clients - Mirvac - Topic Interiors Commercial Office Fitouts
Our Clients - Knight Frank - Topic Interiors Commercial Office Fitouts
Our Clients - WHK - Topic Interiors Commercial Office Fitouts
Our Clients - cbus - Topic Interiors Commercial Office Fitouts
Out Clients - DEXUS Property Group - office fitouts Melbourne

TOPIC Interiors has undertaken ReShaping for many of Australia’s leading property owners, landlords and corporations. They include Mirvac, Dexus, and the Melbourne and Olympic Park Trust. Project sizes can vary, but we are focused on delivering a quality product to all our clients.