The start of the new financial year has probably had less attention than previous years, but it has definitely arrived. The outlook for the office sector remains unclear and the various research departments are possibly the busiest they have ever been. Staff are being asked their work preferences and their responses will go a long way to determining the short term trends. One trend we see continuing is the demand for Speculative Suites. This is coming from Leasing Agents in particular who appreciate the benefits of walking clients through a fitted officespace.

One of TOPIC Interiors’ major strengths lay in Spec Suite projects, with GPT and Colliers International being long-term partners in these ventures. Our immediate pipeline suggests demand will continue for this type of design and indeed there is almost a heightened sense of urgency for tenancies that have been vacant for a while. While other downsizing options are being considered, Speculative Suites remain front of mind.

Special Offer!

To help you take the first step, TOPIC Interiors are currently waiving the Design Concept fee on all new projects. Specifically this phase of the Design

Process involves:
* Meeting with clients to formulate a detailed Design Brief.
* Site visit with client.Explore benchmarks.
* Access existing site conditions, constraints and opportunities.
* Scope of works summary.
*m Review intended layout and function, suggest improvements and options where required for initial planning sign-off.
* Provide concept drawing of internal layout and key elevations.
* Specialist advice in relation to workplace design standards, functional workflow and innovation.
* Analysis of authority regulations and requirements.
* Co-ordination with client.
* Obtain client approval to proceed to next stage.
*Allow for one meeting and two design briefings via phone.

TOPIC Interiors have been ReShaping, ReDesigning and ReWorking workspaces for over 20 years, and particularly in the current environment this expertise is invaluable.

To discuss our capabilities or the special offer we currently have available, please contact Andrew Hicks on 0407 220 952 or find out more about our services here.

Stay safe,

The TOPIC Interiors Team