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From Our Director…

It seems an appropriate time to acknowledge TOPIC Interiors’ staff, suppliers and clients who have provided tremendous support over the last month. Everyone has had to make some sacrifices and I thank all those that have done that to ensure we keep operating.

Understanding the various Government initiatives has certainly taken up a huge amount of time – fortunately I have good accountants! The JobKeeper scheme certainly provided a timely boost as it means we have the opportunity to retain staff. The recently announced Commercial Leasing Code of Conduct also provides direction. Parties are going to have to be transparent with each other to ensure some stability. For TOPIC, we believe this will happen and negotiations will take place with the right intent. It is certainly in our interests that this be the case.

I have also been thinking and planning for the time when the world has a bit more normality about it. The designers are going to be busy as public expectations and Government direction is going to change the way we collaborate and live our lives, impacting on physical layouts, ambience and convenience. The workplace will be a different place in the years to come, although the most important thing is that we are indeed working.

TOPIC is still working with landlords who are taking advantage of low occupancy to get some works done. The immediate pipeline looks reasonable, but the second half of the year will be key on so many fronts. Work that we win, will allow us to repay those that have supported us thus far. Let’s hope we have returned to some sort of normality by then.

The Easter break allows for a bit of “downtime”, so I trust you get the opportunity to talk and think about things other than COVID-19. All the best and thank you again for your support.

Jamie Scott

TOPIC Interiors Director