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Commercial interior design service

The team at Topic Interiors always stay abreast of current interior design trends; evaluating them to see what might work for our clients. Our savvy team ensure the trends we incorporate are not fads that will date a space but, rather, are fresh and innovative and will stand the test of time.

Design is a subjective thing, not everyone likes the same look and how boring it would be if we did! Through the consultation process, we get a sense of what style the client likes, be it industrial, minimalist, traditional, Scandinavian and so on, and then work to ensure the style of the fit-out reflects the client and their brand.

So let’s have a look at eight of the trends we’re loving here at Topic Interiors this year.

Mesh ceiling tiles

Adding a bit of a twist to the exposed duct-work look that has become so popular in industrial-style design, mesh ceiling tiles give a semi-exposed look that is both visually interesting and functional.

This look was featured in Topic’s recently completed project @ 570 St Kilda Rd, with the industrial metal mesh complemented by the clean lines of the blond wooden custom joinery and polished concrete floor.

Grid lights in exposed ceilings

Another trend we’re loving in the industrial style is the use of ceiling grid lights in exposed ceilings. Grid lights are standard fare in many office spaces as they’re super practical in terms of lighting the space, but this look sees the grid pattern continue through the ceiling even as it moves from exposed to covered.

As seen here at our recently designed space @ 570 St Kilda Road, with this lighting solution provided by Interglo Lighting.


The use of neon to create custom signage or decorative features within a space is a great way to add a pop of interest and personality. We introduced a unique selection of neon signs at our recent works at 189 Flinders Lane to give interesting focal points and bring a bit of soho style to Melbourne.

Monochrome and playing with colour

Colour is always important in creating the ambience of a space; we are seeing lots of bright colours coming into play while, in contrast, the monochromatic look is also gaining popularity this year0

We were inspired by the play of colour in this cafe at Monash Uni by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects. Using a green monochrome palette “to reflect the adjacent green landscape”, this was juxtaposed by neutral grey and natural wood tones throughout the rest of the space.

New ways to incorporate colour

Creating interest though colour and light helps to breathe life into a space. Something we’d love to try at Topic Interiors is the use of decals and dichroic window film to introduce unique colour and patterns into our design. This sort of window film creates prisms with the natural light, which means the lighting and colours change during the day as the sun moves through the space.

One spectacular example of this was Studio Y’s work for Ambience as featured in Designboom.

Bold wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a resurgence in the last few years but gone are the muted floral prints Nanna had on her walls for 30 years and in their place are bold prints, murals or designs that add texture and dimension to bring life into the space.

Wallpaper is no longer considered a permanent fixture either, rather an affordable way to update a space and change the feel of a room. We are loving this trend at Topic Interiors as seen below at our fit-out @ 189 Flinders Lane.

Alternatives to timber

At the start of a project, we are always given a budget to work with, alongside the client’s wishlist for how they want the space to look and function. A trend we’ve embraced is the use of V Groove laminate panels as a way to get the luxe look of timber from product that is versatile, stylish, affordable and comes in a huge range of colours and textures. One example of this can be seen at our recently completed project @ 570 St Kilda Rd.

Concrete look flooring

In the theme of replica material, one that is an exciting addition is concrete look vinyl, such as the option below by Polyflor. Concrete flooring is still very on trend but laying or polishing it isn’t always an option, so this vinyl is one we’ve filed away in our inspiration folder for future use.

End-to-end complete design and fit out solutions

If you’re interested in refreshing your office space and seeing where our design team can take your business, contact us to begin the transformation today. Our experienced team of trades at Topic Interiors, including electrical, lighting, custom joinery, plumbing, and fit-out will then turn the design into reality.