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ReShaping starts here.

ReShaping is more than simply remodelling a particular space, building or environment. Shape comes in many forms and exploring shape is what we love.  Shape drives us. At Topic Interiors when we talk about ReShaping the first thing we do is ask our clients lots of questions. Because ReShaping can change far more than just their current environment.

We want to know everything there is to know about how a client works. How they want to feel working in their ideal space. What they like and what they don’t and most importantly the outcomes of the ReShaped solution they are hoping for. We pride ourselves on delivering quality office fitouts Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney as well as commercial fitouts.

Why? Because the ReShaping process is one of exploration and inspiration. It can cause you to rethink and re-evaluate everything you do. Because ReShaping environments and spaces is more than simply moving a few walls, changing a few hard finishes and a fresh coat of paint.

ReShaping, re-thinking and re-working is about everything you do and how you function day to day. It’s like a fresh start. Are you thinking of office fitouts for your business or company? See how Topic Interiors can improve your work space today!

Who Needs Topic Interiors’ Office Fitout and Office Refurbishment Service?

At Topic Interiors our clients aren’t always sure that they need our services, and we understand that. There’s a tendency when it comes to an office fitout or office refurbishment to put it off constantly, perhaps because companies aren’t really sure what they want or need. However, an office fitout isn’t something to be avoided, but embraced. Here are a few people who could really use the office fitout service that Topic Interiors provides.

Businesses Looking For Something New

When you have to spend your time in the same space, day in and day out, it’s bound to get old really fast. An office refurbishment can make your space totally new, and it has a ripple effect that goes beyond appearances. With the right office fitout Melbourne and Sydney companies have seen their employee morale go up, and their company’s reputation improve as well. The stunning office fitouts Melbourne companies have received from Topic Interiors haven’t just revitalised the space, but those who work in it as well.

Companies Not Making The Right Impression

Your office refurbishment can make an enormous difference to your businesses’ branding and your appearance to clients. If you feel that you aren’t making the right impression now, come and talk to the leading creatives for office fitouts Melbourne and Sydney wide. We know the kind of office fitout Melbourne and Sydney companies need, and we can help to make your space something that truly stands out, and makes a lasting impression.

Offices Wanting A More Creative Space

These days, working spaces go beyond function. It’s more and more common to see companies undertaking an office fitout that transforms their space into a more creative place to work. This kind of office fitout has a marked effect, as we discussed, which makes it perfect not just for creative companies, but for any business. With the right office fitout your company’s entire working space can change, and that has an impact that goes beyond the initial office fitout.

When it comes to office fitouts Melbourne and Sydney companies know that Topic Interiors offer a service that is top of the line. Ours are the office fitouts Melbourne chooses over others on the market because we provide the best office fitout Melbourne and Sydney companies have ever seen. Topic Interiors are the masters in the office fitout Melbourne has been looking for, so come and talk to us today.



Topics tried and tested processes ensure smooth and uncomplicated refurbishments for workspaces, live or recreational environments.

Base Building

We are experienced in providing Make Good and Lessor Works for Landlords and vacating tenants. Our tradesmen will craft it like no one was ever there.

Concept & Design

Well ReShaped Workspaces provide comfort and motivation. Offices play centre stage for your company’s brand, culture and standards.

Furniture & Fittings

Experts at ReShaping office interiors including design and sourcing of furniture. It’s the finishing touches that set our offices from others.

We love the challenge of transforming the tired and dull into inspired spaces alive with energy.