Office Fitout Furniture & Fittings

The selection of office fitout furniture and fittings, is an integral component that complements the physical surroundings of the environment.

An extension of the design element, the selection of furniture and fittings, is an integral part of ReShaping which needs to complement the physical surroundings of the environment.

What you do have is variety – variety of products and themes to choose from. Expectations of the workspace environment are forever evolving. We can provide the necessary direction so that your selections are consistent with contemporary thinking around the workspace. Topic personnel maintain an active interest in modern design techniques, while also drawing on practical experiences to provide an outcome you will be excited about. We have sourced furniture and interior fittings for many workspaces, with every one being providing a uniquely outstanding ReShaping experience.

Topic has the ability to manufacture many products which means quality is assured. Having this control leads to efficiencies that result in a successful project. The team at Topic also have an extensive network of suppliers who can assist with the sourcing of furniture and fittings. Our people also have the experience and a unique passion for quality that will provide you with a stunning result.

The choice of furniture and interior fittings will be consistent with the tone and standards established during the structural design and build. You will be consulted throughout this process as it is vital you are enthused about your new surroundings. And these choices will help define your ReShaping experience.